Northern Road Upgrade (Stage 3)

Northern Road Upgrade (Stage 3)


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Improving travel times by:

  1. Increasing the number of lanes along The Northern Road
    • Removing a set of traffic lights at the M4 Interchange
    • Providing additional turning lanes at some intersections
  2. Allowing for reliable public transport by providing a continuous kerbside bus lane in each direction
  3. Improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists by providing a new shared path
  4. Improving connectivity for pedestrians by providing new footpaths
  5. Improving road safety by:
    • Providing a central median to separate opposing traffic flows
    • Installing new traffic lights at two existing intersections
    • Providing separate turning lanes at some intersections
    • Improving the alignment of the road
  6. Improving local access by providing an extension of Cross Road to Wentworth Road
  7. Mitigating traffic noise impacts by providing two new noise barriers.
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