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For all slipform kerbing applications, TKS is the preferred slipform kerbing company.


Concrete Slipforming
Including Type F Barrier

We are able to supply various concrete barriers including:

Vertical faced barrier wall
For road and construction
Split wall
Where each face of the double-sided type F barrier can be run parallel to the adjacent pavement up to 600mm different to the opposite face
Different Pour Heights
Run LH and RH pour options, and high side / low side pour options.


Slipformed Concrete
A sturdy solution

Slipforming Concrete Kerbing is a great long term solution.

By Slipforming Kerbing you’re able to create your desired profile with a neat finish.

Slipforming Kerbing also allows for the concrete to be poured over exisiting structures including dowels.

Learn more about our capabilities by contacting us or viewing our profiles below.

Slotted Drain

Including variable depth slotted drains

Our variable depth to invert Slotted Drain, which may be a first for the industry in the world.

This technology allows for the road and drain profile to be at different heights but allows them to be done at the same time.

This type of technology makes our drainage works very efficent and keeps both the drain and road at a consistent standard.

Custom Profiles & Solutions

Overcoming any obstacle
To find a solution for you

Due to Warren & Brian’s experience in the industry they are able to spec new profiles as required.

We’re able to work collaboratively with your team to understand the challenge and find work arounds as required.

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